• Roger Edwin Hobbs, DSc (Eng)

    • Director


      Emeritus Prof. Roger Hobbs was formerly a member of the faculty of Imperial College, London. He has specialized in numerical and experimental studies of wire and synthetic-fiber ropes and cables, chain and pipelines. As a member of Tension Technology International, Roger has developed rope modelling computer programs and conducted laboratory trials of ropes.

      Major accomplishments

      Supervised SERC/Marine Technology Directorate project on methods of predicting the properties of large diameter marine wire ropes, including axial stiffness and fatigue, and bending performance near terminations and fairleads.

      Supervised Ministry of Defence/Procurement Executive project on the failure and friction hold of steel wire rope at high loads and small D/d ratios for winch applications.

      Performed theoretical and experimental studies on the behavior of wire ropes and spiral strands, including stiffness, hysteresis and fatigue properties under axial tension, bending, and torsion loadings. These investigations have been of practical interest in fields ranging from suspension bridges through guyed masts and transmission lines to a variety of offshore mooring and tethering applications.

      Studied the fatigue of large synthetic moorings in tension over various fairlead and roller sheave components.

      Investigated the stiffness and fatigue of Kevlar (aramid) Parafil ropes in tension, bending over sheaves, and flexing near terminations.

      Performed a wide range of work on the behavior of submarine pipelines - in particular thermal effects, vortex induced vibrations, and the problems of maneuvering pipelines for tie-in and repair.

      Developed a method of measuring pressures and friction forces on yarns within ropes under tension in order to calculate coefficient of friction for computer modelling.


      • Imperial College, London, BSc.(Eng.) First Class Honors, 1964
      • Imperial College, London, PhD. 1966. DSc (Eng) 1996


      • Civil Engineering Dept., Imperial College (London University)
      • Various positions before appointment as:
      • Professor of Structural Engineering, 1990-2003
      • Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Investigator, 2003-present
      • Director, Tension technology International, 1986-present


      Vanguard Ltd, APC Associates and Kennedys, Lenz and Staehelin, Michelin, Arups, Ince & Co., Norwegian Contractors, Scanrope A/S, Flint and Neill, BBC and Independenting Broadcast Authority, British Ropes (Bridon), Mobil Norway Inc., J.P. Kenny and Partners), Kvaerner Cleveland Bridge, London Underground Limited.


      • Fellow, Institution of Structural Engineers, UK ; Fellow, Institution of Civil Engineers, UK

      Committees and professional societies

      • Formerly Technical Secretary, EuroCode 3 (Steel Structures) Drafting Panel

      Honors and Awards

      • Fellow, City and Guilds of London institute, 1996
      • Awards for publications:
      • Telford Premium, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1968
      • Trevithick Premium, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1978
      • T.K. Hseih Award, Institution of Civil Engineers/ Royal Society, 1985
      • JBCSA / CEGB Prize (Journal of Strain Analysis), 1996
      • Henry Adams Diploma, Institution of Structural Engineers, 2002

      Publications and Patents

      • Over 100 published papers and a similar number of research reports.
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